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Education Program

Our goal is to complement and give every child an opportunity to education to broaden a child’s ability to reach their potential.

Our focus is on two areas of education:

Early Child Education and Development – Giving every child a strong foundation for their early education and beyond.

  • After School Support – Providing a supportive environment that reinforce learning and improve academic performance in partnership with local community and schools.

Testimony Africa’s programs are located in refugee settlement areas, urban slum with both informal settlements, rural communities and refugee camps. Children in these environments face several challenges when it comes to completing formal informal learning education.

Education scholastic Costs such as uniforms, exams, shoes, textbooks, stationery among other requirements a child may need outside the household budgets of many low-income vulnerable families still remains a big challenge to education in the sub-Saharan Africa.

School attendance and completion is often compromised by poverty as children are either forced to work for food rather than attend school or find it hard to attend for a full day whilst undernourished. Girls in there menstruation periods who have no access to sanitary pads are more affected.  averagely girls are forced to be out of school for a minimum of 10 days.

The challenges faced by students extend beyond the classroom to their community and home situations with poor lighting and family pressure to carry out household duties is an obstacle to completion of school assignments. Much as Early Childhood Education is a concern by the Government at the same level as Primary Education, not much is done to ensure the development of children, meaning that a lot of children miss out on this essential element of preparation for primary education.

We seek to address the effects of these issues by improving the quality of educational, providing education opportunities for every child as a fundamental human right despite of the settlement, every child needs to be equally treated.